GEDOPA, the Parkinson’s Disease Study Group, was conceived and created in September 2011 by Professor Dr. Clynton Corrêa, Professor of the School of Medicine and of the Master’s and PhD Program in Physical Education of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, with the aim of promoting teaching, research and extension services in the rehabilitation from Parkinson’s disease within a multidisciplinary framework, including areas of knowledge such as neurology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physical education, psychology, nutrition, pharmacology, social care, speech-language pathology and nursing.

GEDOPA is a scientific institution with a social function and informal base that benefits from the voluntary participation of researchers, professors at undergraduate and graduate level and students at undergraduate (scientific initiation) and post-graduate levels, as well as residents, in various academic fields.

In order to fulfill its mission, GEDOPA has adopted the following guidelines in its activities.

  • “Prioritize scientific study and the discussion of advances in knowledge of Parkinson’s disease”

  • “Promote and conduct projects under the coordination of one of its members, designated by the Coordinator of the Group, on rehabilitation from Parkinson’s dDisease”

  • “Promote interdisciplinary work in the actions of GEDOPA, encouraging innovative initiatives, creativity and exchanges of experiences, in teaching, research and extension services”