Promoting and Conducting Teaching, Research and Extension Services into the Rehabilitation from Parkinson’s Disease

Coordinator of GEDOPA - Prof. Clynton Lourenço Correa

Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

In 21st September 2011, motivated by the enormous challenge of developing activities linked to the rehabilitation of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, we conceived and created GEDOPA – the Parkinson’s Disease Study Group – in three university axes. The central nucleus of the idea that was coming to fruition was our conviction that these studies should occur within an interdisciplinary framework, including areas of knowledge such as Neurology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Education, Psychology, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Social Care, Speech-Language Pathology and Nursing. Since then, while overcoming difficulties and achieving accomplishments, we have managed to consolidate within GEDOPA a team of competent and dedicated professionals that exercise a key role in conducting teaching, research and extension services on Parkinson’s disease, so as to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and to the improvement in the quality of life of patients and family members.

Therefore, as Coordinator of GEDOPA, I am privileged to invite you to get to know our team by visiting the pages of this website.

Responsible for the Comparative and Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory - Prof. Silvana Allodi

The Comparative and Developmental Neurobiology Laboratory, which conducts basic research focused on understanding aspects related to the neurobiology of physical exercise in Parkinson’s disease, participates with great interest in the integrated activities of GEDOPA, since this group innovates by using an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the factors involved in the manifestations of this disease and its treatment.

Coordinator of the Extension Project for Patients, Family Members and Carers – Prof. Vera Lúcia Santos de Britto

The "Education and Health in Parkinson’s Disease: Caring for patients, Family members and Carers" Extension Project is an initiative set up by GEDOPA, based on multidisciplinary and inter-professional dynamics, that was established within the Physiotherapy Outpatient Department of the INDC. “Education & Health” has become an instrument for promoting popular participation and, at the same time, strengthening the intervention of Science in the daily lives of patients, family members and carers.